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This Guggenheim Helsinki experience consists of moments of illusion, bringing us closer to the boundless realm of “art”. Art deals with our spiritual needs, it is food for our soul beyond that of our basic functional needs. It exists beyond the physical realm and exists formlessly in the space between the viewer and the art piece. This museum should be a pedestal to display art, but also should contribute to the holistic experience of “art”, providing the city with a place to gather, to escape, to experience.An experience that detaches you from the physical world enhances the immersive experience of “Art”.




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The building perches on the edge of the water, between the land and the water, looking back through the harbor at the city of Helsinki. Its presence serves to mediate art and its surroundings, city and nature, the physical and virtual.






↑ park rendering




↑ explodedaxo

Virtual, does not refer to the digital world alone. Through the use of reflective surfaces, the relationship of the park and the waterfront is preserved, creating different illusions as the viewer’s positions shifts. These illusionary experiences detach you from the physical world enhancing the immersive experience of “Art”, a brand new sensory experience.







↑ illusion section




↑ bluescreen




↑ gap rendering


“Artistic phenomena takes place simultaneously in two worlds: the realm of matter and that of mental imagery” (Juhani Pallasmaa). The facade design and material choice were carefully selected to mediate both the physical and digital realm. Despite the rough, shale exterior finish, remote sensor technology is placed on the facade of the museum, allowing real-time information to be superimposed through the use of personal devices, the extension of our sensory experiences today. With this, the museum can present tailored information for specific individuals - investors, tourists, academics, artists, etc. 







↑ interior rendering


The gap illusion is also visible within the atrium, both landscape and waterscape are visible to the interior audience at different angles and locations, acting as an anchor for the museum and also an fantastical backdrop for larger sculptures displayed within this space.

Typology功能: Art Museum美术馆
Client客户: SolomanGuggenheim Foundation所罗门古根海姆基金会
Location地址:Helsinki Port, Finland芬兰赫尔辛基港口
WAY STUDIO design scope未之负责阶段: Concept Design Competition概念设计??
Team设计团队: 郑涛,Fernie Lai, Alan Hung,陈济林,高聪

Project Information经济技术指标
Site Area 基地面积:18,580 sqm
Gross Floor Area 建筑面积:12,000 sqm
Building Height 建筑高度:15.9 m



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